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OUR NEXT PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY: Building an Oakland for our Youth

Join us for this important conversation, facilitated by Youth for Cat Brooks, and featuring a creative dialogue that centers on issues young people face.

Where: 955 7th St., Oakland
When: Saturday 8/18/2018 from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Coming Soon!

Tuesday, August 21, 6:30PM @ Joyce Gordon Gallery: Preserving Oakland's Black Legacy
Our community is being torn apart by displacement and police violence. This People’s Assembly will focus on the needs, dreams and concerns of Black folks in Oakland. Join us to imagine an Oakland where displaced Black folks have the right to return to their communities, true public safety, and access to equitable opportunities. Conversation facilitated by Ayodele Nzinga, Executive Producing Director, The Lower Bottom Playaz.

Wednesday, August 22, 6:30PM: Fostering Resilience: A Conversation with People of Many Faiths
Join us at St. Columba Catholic Church (6401 San Pablo Ave.) for this opportunity to talk together about what the interfaith community needs from city government.  

We want to hear from the People. These Assemblies are an important part of our platform development. We believe input from the community is essential, so we hope you'll join us. Watch this space for location updates.

  • Public Safety: A Safe and Sanctuary City for All
  • Education Assembly: What is the Real Promise to Oakland’s Kids?

  • Creating an Equitable Oakland
    • A Conversation with the Asian/Pacific Islander Community
    • Jobs & the Economy
    • A Conversation with the Latinx Community
    • Disability Justice
    • A Conversation with the LGBTQIA Community
  • Taking Care of Our Own: A Conversation with Elders in Oakland
  • Creating a Thriving Community with Small Business

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The Vision

"I have a deep love for the People and understand that our freedom is intertwined. To me, there is nothing more important than making space for the Power of the People to emerge and nothing more beautiful than watching it take root and grow in this city we love."

- Cat Brooks

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The Platform

We will develop our Platform in partnership with the people of Oakland, building on and sustaining the work of those who cannot purchase representation in the halls of power.

Sanctuary for All

We will ensure that Oakland is truly a Sanctuary City by both providing an unwavering commitment to policy that prevents any collusion between local law enforcement and federal agencies, and working closely with the most impacted communities to create and strengthen rapid response networks, “know-your-rights” trainings, and other community safety mechanisms.

Real solutions for public safety

The answer to community safety is an investment in the community. The Oakland Police Department receives nearly 50% of the general fund (that’s $250m of a $570m fund). Additionally, they incur millions of dollars in overtime every fiscal year.  We will reduce overtime spending and redirect those monies toward true crime prevention measures like job training centers, mental health services, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and housing. 

Housing And Dignity for All

Rent is too high. Middle-income earners are paying over 30% of their income on rent making it impossible to save. Low-income earners are paying over 60% of their wages on rent. Using funds diverted from police, we will increase the percentage of the city budget used to protect tenants and enforce tenant rights. We will also strengthen efforts to legislate services which have taken away over 2,200 units (source) that could be used as long-term housing for Oaklanders instead. 

Protecting Education

We will work with the more than 2,300 Oakland teachers to develop a teacher training and retention program that specifically addresses the needs of local educators. Citywide affordable housing plans must include protected affordable housing for Oakland teachers. 


"As we wrestle across this country with issues regarding the rebuilding and restructuring our cities,  it is crucial that we find People for public office who are compassionate and passionate. Persons who have demonstrated the willingness to put the well-being of our communities ahead of personal agendas. it is for this reason that I am pleased to support Cat Brooks for Mayor of Oakland. I believe that Cat will lead Oakland with the kind of visionary and progressive leadership the City continues to cry for."

Rev. Dr. Harold R. Mayberry/First AME Church, Oakland

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Get Involved

Cat is committed to building the movement that will transform Oakland into a city that is guided by the voices of those who have created our diverse, unique culture. She wants to fulfill the promise of a City of rich beauty, powerful history, and dynamic culture for all its People. You can help!  

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