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You won’t want to miss this important evening! Moderated by Rev. Charlotte Williams, Minister & Director of Communications & Media at Allen Temple Baptist Church (map).


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Getting the word out to voters is the most important work we do. Help us share Cat’s vision. Sign up for Phone Banking and Door Knocking Shifts NOW through September 20.

Join us at these UPCOMING events

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We want to hear from the People. These Assemblies are an important part of our platform development. We believe input from the community is essential, so we hope you'll join us. Watch this space for location updates.

  • Public Safety: A Safe and Sanctuary City for All

  • Education Assembly: What is the Real Promise to Oakland’s Kids?

  • Creating an Equitable Oakland: Disability Justice

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The Vision

"I have a deep love for the People and understand that our freedom is intertwined. To me, there is nothing more important than making space for the Power of the People to emerge and nothing more beautiful than watching it take root and grow in this city we love."

- Cat Brooks


The Platform

We have developed our Platform in partnership with the people of Oakland, building on and sustaining the work of those who cannot purchase representation in the halls of power.

Housing And Dignity for All

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing described the homelessness crisis in our city as "systemic cruelty”. We have a moral obligation to immediately provide safe, dignified shelter for ALL while we work to build truly affordable housing for our working and middle class families.


Oaklanders need good paying jobs close to home. We need to grow our local economy by investing in our jobs training programs, supporting cooperative efforts with business, recruiting progressive companies to base in Oakland, and encouraging union jobs that pay true living wages.

IMprove Education

For Oakland to truly thrive, we must prioritize our children. This means we must improve services for families, ensure adequate nutrition for ALL children, provide quality, after school programs, job training opportunities, and partner with our schools and teachers to ensure they have the resources, including affordable housing, that they need to help our children succeed.  

Real solutions for public safety

If a kindergarten teacher can tell which student is most likely to end up in jail, why does nearly half of the City’s general fund budget go to the Police Department but almost nothing to early childhood development? To improve public safety, we must re-prioritize our budget towards true crime prevention measures such as early childhood development, mental health services, substance abuse prevention and treatment, housing and job training centers.


"As we wrestle across this country with issues regarding the rebuilding and restructuring our cities,  it is crucial that we find People for public office who are compassionate and passionate. Persons who have demonstrated the willingness to put the well-being of our communities ahead of personal agendas. it is for this reason that I am pleased to support Cat Brooks for Mayor of Oakland. I believe that Cat will lead Oakland with the kind of visionary and progressive leadership the City continues to cry for."

Rev. Dr. Harold R. Mayberry/First AME Church, Oakland

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Get Involved

Cat is committed to building the movement that will transform Oakland into a city that is guided by the voices of those who have created our diverse, unique culture. She wants to fulfill the promise of a City of rich beauty, powerful history, and dynamic culture for all its People. You can help!  

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