A Race Well Run, A Movement Begun

Over the last couple of weeks, the team and I have been watching the results slowly adjust as ballots continued to be counted. While we were pretty sure the ultimate outcome would remain the same, we didn’t think it was fair to the thousands of Oaklanders who supported #thepeoplescampaign to concede the race before Every. Single. Vote. Was Counted.

That has finally happened, and today I called Libby Schaaf to formally concede.

Though I conceded the race, I did not concede our movement. We are just beginning. Or maybe it makes more sense to say that we are continuing; as the campaign was a continuation of the work so many of you were doing before I announced my candidacy and will continue to do now that the race is over.

While the race is over, the work is not.

We accomplished amazing milestones. For a RATIONAL, left-wing candidate who has never been in - or seriously run for - office before, what we did together is incredible. We received more first place votes than any candidate received in 2010 or 2014. We captured over 25% of the electorate, nearly double our next closest challenger. We pushed the incumbent to the left, and we forced real conversations about what is happening to our most marginalized and vulnerable. We built a massive base to continue this work and deepened relationships and alliances toward a goal of solidifying a united progressive front for Oakland.

I do not accept that Tuff Sheds are the answer, that displacement is acceptable or that we can incarcerate our way to safety.  And at least 40,000 Oaklanders agree. 

This means we have to seize the moment and utilize this momentum to keep pushing for the Oakland we want to live in. We are going to keep meeting, keep organizing, keep attending City Council meetings, and keep building small, replicable models for change.  We are moving like we won. We know the Oakland we want to live in, and it is up to us to force the issue through coalition building, strategic organizing and innovation that is rooted in equity, humanity and justice.

Campaign Team