We Stand in Solidarity with APTP: Responding to the City Council's Secret Pay Increase for OPD

Thank you to the community members that joined us at City Council this past Tuesday. Together, we expressed collective outrage at the elected officials who slammed the door on yet another opportunity for community input - this time regarding the new police contracts. As expected, despite community protest and the objections by several police commissioners, our elected officials did what their four-year track record demonstrates they have consistently done - ignore us and vote yes anyway.

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Deb Avery
A Race Well Run, A Movement Begun

Over the last couple of weeks, the team and I have been watching the results slowly adjust as ballots continued to be counted. While we were pretty sure the ultimate outcome would remain the same, we didn’t think it was fair to the thousands of Oaklanders who supported #thepeoplescampaign to concede the race before Every. Single. Vote. Was. Counted.

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Campaign Team