"As we wrestle across this country with issues regarding the rebuilding and restructuring our cities, it is crucial that we find People for public office who are compassionate and passionate. Persons who have demonstrated the willingness to put the well-being of our communities ahead of personal agendas. Persons who have a vision for a better community that extends beyond any one segment of the city. It is for this reason that I am pleased to support Cat Brooks for Mayor of Oakland. As a resident of this community and her Pastor, I believe that Cat will lead Oakland with the kind of visionary and progressive leadership the City continues to cry for."

Rev. Dr. Harold R. Mayberry, First AME Church, Oakland


"Oakland needs new direction and new leadership. Cat Brooks  has the determination and courage to take on the forces of gentrification and displacement. Cat can be trusted to make affordable housing, jobs for Oakland residents, a safe city and an accountable police department realities for our city." 

Dan Siegel, Civil Rights Attorney, Co-Chair, Oakland Justice Coalition


“Cat Brooks is an inspiration to all justice seeking citizens of our city. Her fierce determination and powerful agency have moved many to become more mindful of the suffering happening in Oakland and connecting us to be change agents in the movement toward Justice. Her work provides advocacy for many silenced voices in our community from victims of violence, to the homeless, to young people wanting to make a contribution.  She is a unique and powerful force in our city and we would all be better off with her as our leader and advocate. I support her campaign to be mayor of Oakland without reservation.

Hodari Davis, Educator and Artist


Community Members

Melina Abdullah - BLM LA/Professor at CSU/LA (Oakland native)*
Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma'at, Africans Deserve Reparations Now!*
Lea Arellano, Two Spirit Urban Medicines*
Carlo Gomez Arteaga, Executive Board of the San Francisco Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club*
Rose Astra, East Bay Democratic Socialists of America*
Annie Banks
Yolanda Banks-Reed, Mothers Fight Back*
Sabiha Basrai, Design Action Collective* 
Maureen Benson, Educator
Kilian Betlach, Principal, Elmhurst Community Prep, Oakland Unified School District*
Falilah Aisha Bilal, Community Leader
Jhumpa Bhattacharya, Insight Center for Community Economic Development*
Asantewaa Boykin, Registered Nurse
Holly Bradford
James Burch, Esq.
Chris Burger, Artist/Educator, Alphabet Soup/Luv Phenomena*
Michael Chapman, Youth Resistance Movement Bay Area*
Ivy Climacosa, Design Action Collective* 
Dr. Josh Connor, Family Physician
Toni Cook, OUSD School Board Member 1990-1998*
Dr. Cesar Cruz, Homies Empowerment*
Patrisse Khan Cullors, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter*
Tina D'Elia, Tina D'Elia Consulting*
Lauren Dahlberg-Seeth
Candace Antique Davis, Artist and Educator
Hodari Davis, Artist and Educator
Lisa Davis, Certified Nurse Midwife
Carroll Fife, Director, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment*
Tova Fry, Workers World Party*
Morning Star Gali, Native Justice Now*
George Galvis, CURYJ*
Jose Garcia, EastSide Arts Alliance*
Hasmik Geghamyan, Sustainable Economies and Civil Rights Attorney*
Juan Guzman, National Brown Berets*
Pendarvis Harshaw, Freelance Journalist
Diana Hernandez, Activist
Patti Hirota-Cohen, Yoga Instructor, Community Arts Activist
Gregory Hodge, Khepera Consulting*, Former OUSD Board Member
Bill Hogan, Design Action Collective* 
Kazu Haga, East Point Peace Academy*
Nadia Khastagir, Design Action Collective* 
Khafre Jay, Hip Hop for Change*
Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson and Beatrice X
Michael Kaufman, No Coal in Oakland*
Sara Kershnar, International Anti-Zionist Network*
Lara Kiswani, Community Activist
Donald Lacy, Artist/Activist
Sonia Lewis, BLM Sacramento, Chapter Lead*
Edwin Lindo, Activist
Mystic Mandolyn Ludlum, Artist/Educator
Anna Maria Luera, Artist/Youth Worker
Chhoti Maa, Co-founder, Aguas Migrantes*
Gina Madrid, Steelo Entertainment*
Ingrid Martin, Earthly Sites*
Leyla Marrtinez, Beyond the Box Initiative*
Rupa Marya, Do No Harm Coalition*
Armineh Megroian, Bay Area Light Brigade
Cava Menzies, Educator and Artist
Ria Merian , Design Action Collective* 
Paula Minor, BLM-LA*
Molly Jane, Design Action Collective* 
Innosanto Nagara, Design Action Collective*
Zachary Norris, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights*
momii palapaz, Causa Justa: JustCause*
Andrea Prichett, Berkeley Copwatch*
William Ramirez, Design Action Collective* 
Sarah Reilly , Design Action Collective* 
Penny Rosenwasser, Author
Andrea Salazar, Design Action Collective*
Eileen Saltman
Bobby Seale, Co-Founder, The Black Panther Party*
Elena Serrano, EastSide Arts Alliance
Samir Shrestha, CRC-Liberation Logistics*
CB Smith-Dahl, Director, Community Bridge Video*
Kenzie Smith, Dope Era Magazine*
Kathryn Snyder, Tides Advocacy*
Dr. Sé Sullivan, Lecturer
Gina Tomlinson, Business Owner
Sharena Thomas, People's Community Medics*
Laurie Valdez, Justice for Josiah*
Shaunna Vella, Artist, Activist, Educator
James Vann, Oakland Tenants Union*
Josh Warren-White, Design Action Collective* 
Poonam Whabi, Design Action Collective* 
Emily Wheeler
Alex M. White, 2016 D13 Delegate for Bernie Sanders*
Jeff Wozniak, Attorney

*Organizations are listed for identification purposes only

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Political Community

Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Council At-Large
Cheryl Davila, District 2 Berkeley City Councilmember*
Maria D. Dominguez, Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women*
Rosa Cabrera, PolicyLink*
Glenn Katon, Civil Rights Attorney
Dan Siegel, Civil Rights Attorney and Co-Chair of Oakland Justice Coalition*
Anne Weills, Civil Rights Attorney
Courtney Welch, Rockridge Community Planning Council*
Alex M. White, 2016 D13 Delegate for Bernie Sanders*
Brandon Harami, ADEM- California Democratic Party*

Faith Community

Rev. Dr. Harold Mayberry, First AME Church*
Rev. Ben McBride
Rev. Michael McBride,
Minister Cherri Murphy
Servant BK Woodson, Sr., Bay Area Christian Connection*
Rev. Dr. Liza Rankow, One Life Institute*
Carol Robinson, Second Acts*
Nichola Torbett, Second Acts and First Congregational Church of Oakland*
Rev. Debra Avery, Justice House*
Sarah Pritchard, First Congregational Church of Oakland*


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