The Platform

We have developed our Platform in partnership with the people of Oakland, building on and sustaining the work of those who cannot purchase representation in the halls of power.

Housing And Dignity for All

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing described the homelessness crisis in our city as "systemic cruelty”. We have a moral obligation to immediately provide safe, dignified shelter for ALL while we work to build truly affordable housing for our working and middle class families.



Oaklanders need good paying jobs close to home. We need to grow our local economy by investing in our jobs training programs, supporting cooperative efforts with business, recruiting progressive companies to base in Oakland, and encouraging union jobs that pay true living wages.


21st Century solutions for public safety

If numerous studies showcase the critical importance of Early Childhood Development Programs to create safer communities and put our children on a lifetime path to success, why is our City spending more money on overtime pay for police officers than it does on Early Childhood Development?


Quality Education for All

For Oakland to truly thrive, we must prioritize our children. This means we must improve services for families, ensure adequate nutrition for ALL children, provide quality, after school programs, job training opportunities, and partner with our schools and teachers to ensure they have the resources, including affordable housing, that they need to help our children succeed.  


Sanctuary for All

We will ensure that Oakland is truly a Sanctuary City by both providing an unwavering commitment to policy that prevents any collusion between local law enforcement and federal agencies, and working closely with the most impacted communities to create and strengthen rapid response networks, “know-your-rights” trainings, and other community safety mechanisms.

Environmental Justice and Public Health

Environmental justice and public health are linked not only to the fight for clean air, water, and soil, but also to the quality of our homes and our neighborhoods, our access to fresh, nutritious food, the quality of our public schools, and the safety of our streets. A healthy environment also means attending to the culture of fear that many of our residents share, especially our undocumented residents and those in our immigrant communities.