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The Vision

For far too long, the voices and needs of the working class and people living in Oakland’s lowest-income communities have been ignored by City Hall and concerns of the people are regularly engaged as an afterthought or completely dismissed. Elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents and it is time we elect those who act accordingly. That’s why Cat Brooks is running for Mayor of Oakland. Cat is committed to creating an equitable local government that represents everyone in the city.

This is a campaign to galvanize the energy of the disenfranchised, the displaced, the tired, the holders-on. We will ensure this campaign is a piece of a movement needed to right the wrongs of this city and bring real relief to those who struggle to survive in the place they call home.


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With the People

"My love for the People and my commitment to keep the community's fight for equity at the center is woven into the many ways I live and move in the community."

— Cat Brooks