I See You: A Message to the Transgender Community

Yesterday, a memo was leaked that revealed yet one more attempt by The Trump Administration to roll back the clock on humanity.  It appears 45 now wants to remove protections for people who identify as Transgender and limit the definitions of one’s “sex” to "a person's status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth."

This is one more assault in a long line of attacks from Trump and AG Jeff Sessions that have included rescinding the right for schools to have gender neutral bathrooms, attempting to ban Trans people from serving in the military and reversing legal guidance that protected Trans people from worker discrimination.

Already, members of the Transgender community find themselves living in the shadows; making livings in the underground economy, facing the highest rates of hate crimes, enduring egregious levels of state violence.

This decision by the Trump administration means nothing short of an uptick in violent policies and practices that impact thousands of people who fight every day for the right to simply be who they are.  

Standing up to Trump means standing up to his hate across the board, holding always the intersectionality of our oppression and being willing to put our bodies on the line each and every time this hateful administration comes for our people.

Today, I want to tell my Trans community members that I see you, I love you, I honor you and I stand in solidarity - following your lead - in pushing back against any efforts to limit you from being beautifully, wonderfully and wholly you.

In solidarity & struggle,


Deb Avery